What is a mind coach?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Or guilty because you've been procrastinating? Or insecure because you’ve been told you’re lazy? Do you know what you need to do, but just can’t manage to get it done? Are you afraid to dream big? Are you living passively, from crisis to crisis? Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. That’s why I’m here!

There are trainers at the gym, and coaches on the fields and the courts, who are there to help you be your best self, to encourage you on the way, to challenge you and see you win. As a Mind Coach, I do the same.

I help you understand your strengths and reach your goals, leading to happiness, balance, and fulfillment. I’m there with you each step of the way, cheerleading and challenging you, holding you accountable to your plan until your new skills have become daily habits and routines. We'll identify what gets in the way of your success, remove those obstacles, and celebrate achievements. You will re-train your brain to make positive, lasting changes in your life. You can do it! Go, you!

I'm based in New Orleans, Louisiana, but, thanks to FaceTime and Skype, I'm able to work with clients around the globe. 

My clients are naturally creative, curious, and compassionate. They are adults, mothers, college students, and teenagers. Some are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, some want to sharpen their executive function skills, and some are in need of a life coach, writing coach, or accountability partner.


Because you want to take control of your life. Because you want to become independent and confident. Because you want to improve working memory, learn to self-motivate, or hone your ability to consistently follow through and focus on tasks. You want to organize and plan better, prioritize and manage your time, and, above all else, achieve your goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


  • Group Coaching Package: 3-6 participants, online weekly group sessions

  • Basic Coaching Package: in-person intake interview, online weekly private sessions, two accountability check-ins per week

  • VIP Coaching Package: Basic Coaching Package, plus two in-person family coaching sessions, bimonthly parent phone consultations, four phone/email consultations with learning specialist and/or therapist

  • Follow-Up Package: Bimonthly or monthly sessions for continued success

If you feel a Mind Coach could be valuable to you or your child, learn more today.

 *National client’s locations

*National client’s locations