what is a mind coach?

Mind Coach NOLA is a personal coaching service for teenagers and adults that specializes in the unique challenges of ADHD/ADD.

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and using the convenience of new technologies, Mind Coach NOLA helps people develop the self-awareness required to understand and work with their own unique brains.

By combining life coaching, skill coaching,  and education, clients learn to recognize, appreciate, and use their strengths to reach their goals, improve their grades, become independent, enjoy their passions, and achieve lifelong well-being.

My clients are naturally creative, curious and compassionate. They are innovative, intelligent and incredible human beings that just need the expert guidance and structure to tap into that effectively. This is what I do

If you feel an ADHD Coach could be valuable to you or your child, and want to know more, e-mail info@mindcoachnola.com or call +1 504.638.1244.