Tips from an ADHD Coach: Try the Stoplight Technique

The innovator brain is an impulsive one. How do you keep it in check? Try the stoplight technique!

Red light = Stop. Take a long deep cleansing breath.


Yellow light = Ask yourself: How will this serve me? Is it in alignment with my ultimate goals and values?

Green light = Go… in the right direction.

This can be used in all kinds of situations. Just one more episode on Netflix, one more glass of wine, a sassy comeback to that comment, or sending that angry text. Work through the stoplight process: Red light, yellow light, green light, then go the way that serves you best.

For more tips like this, or to understand your brain, put similar techniques into practice, and develop your executive function skills, try working with an ADHD Coach like Mind Coach NOLA, in New Orleans if you're local, or virtually, if you live elsewhere!