Mind Coach NOLA on Watching Your Vision Board Dreams Come True

This is it!

“This is it, Mami!,” exclaimed my daughter. My son knew exactly what she was talking about it. “This is the place from the picture! We found it!” And yes, I definitely knew what they were shouting about. Only I had trouble responding because I had tears in my eyes, was awestruck by its beauty and dumbfounded by the fact that we had made it. My heart swelled with pride because I had made it happen. We were there...

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Mind Coach NOLA On The Power Of Vision Boards

Adela here! This week I finished my vision boards. I'd been talking about vision boards with different clients and realized I hadn’t made my own in a while, so it was time. I'd made online vision boards (for instance, while designing my house, I used Houzz and Pinterest to collect ideas). But if I really wanted to turn my dreams into reality, I needed to be reminded on a daily basis. I personally didn’t want them on my phone. I needed a good, old fashioned, bulletin board of inspirational images.

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