Mind Coach NOLA on the Positive Side of Staying Plugged In

My legs are sore, but in a good way. This weekend I took the family camping and hiking in Tunica Hills, north of St. Francisville. For someone used to living below sea level, the steep bluffs of Clark Creek Natural Area provide a welcome challenge. We belayed using vines to get to the base of a waterfall, we grabbed onto tree roots to pull ourselves up a ravine and we clambered over boulders in the creek’s bed. It was sweaty and muddy and a ton of fun. And we didn’t have a phone on us. Even my watch had run out of juice. We were device free. Heaven.

Until we took a break at a summit overlooking the spring forest, with a hawk circling below...

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: On A Better Night's Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep for your body and your brain. Especially to improve working memory, the brain has to rest and process all of the information it’s been fed all day. Ideally, remove all technology from the bedroom at least an hour before sleep. Blue light disrupts melatonin production. That melatonin suffuses the brain and tells it to shut down and go to sleep. So bring it on, melatonin! Come envelop this beautiful brain in your warm cozy embrace and rock that baby to sleep.

Read more over on CHADD's weekly ADHD newsletter.

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Mind Coach NOLA on the Power of Unsubscribing: Part 2

Following along with Part 1 of this series, we're looking at "the Power of Unsubscribing." Today, let's think about another approach: "unsubscribing" from the powerful siren song of your phone.

To use a phone is a conscious choice, like using any other tool. Imagine you are asked to take a quiz. Should you use a pen or pencil? It’s simply a choice—just like the choice you make to use your phone at any point during the day.

However, the manufacturers of the devices, the apps, and the games have specifically hired experts (marketing gurus, neuropsychologists, neurobiologists, child psychiatrists, etc.) to design their products in a way that induces addictive behavior.

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Mind Coach NOLA on Freedom from Digital Addiction

I love digital devices as much as the next person. Here I am with my Apple Watch, which helps me track my runs and stay on top of my busy schedule. But I also understand how addictive these helpful devices can be, and I'm dedicated to helping clients block those distractions. I just read an article in the New York Times called "It's Time For Apple to Build a Less Addictive iPhone," by Farhad Majoo, who suggests that Apple should develop and sell a less addictive smartphone.

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Mind Coach NOLA on Phubbing

Have you heard of phubbing? It's a recently coined term—a combination of "phone" and "snubbing"—that describes the act of turning your attention to your phone in the presence of others. "Phubbing" is always a bad idea, but, like slot machines in a casino, our phones are designed to attract our attention. Dr. Emma Seppälä is Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, and Co-Director of the Yale College Well-Being Program at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Seppälä has written an important article in the Washington Post explaining why phubbing is so damaging to your personal relationships, and what you can do about it.

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