Mind Coach NOLA on Transitions

I saw this sign near the railroad tracks and immediately thought of transitions. Some of us fear them. Change can be difficult, but if you know it’s coming, it’s doesn’t have to feel like a rough crossing. It can be smooth sailing. In fact, just having a positive mindset can make a huge difference already. Something different is coming. Woohoo! Adventure awaits! Bring it on! What do I need to do to get ready?  

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Mind Coach NOLA on Making Your Dream a Reality

Innovator Brains dream BIG and often. You are the creators, inventors, and writers of our future. Turning a dream into a reality requires action... and that can be so, so hard. You have to figure out what needs to be done, break down the action items into smaller tasks, think about what resources you need, and then put it all in order. And you have to follow through and do it all on time. Who can help you make your dream a reality? Me!

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How Do You Know When You're Done (With Your ADHD Coach or Life Coach)? Part 3

In previous blog posts, we've been discussing how you know when you're done with your ADHD Coach or Life Coach. Adela Baker of Mind Coach NOLA has offered her checklist of skills the client has successfully acquired. She has also responded to the question, "What if I relapse? Can I come back to Mind Coach NOLA?

For part three of this series, let's hear excerpts from an array of Mind Coach NOLA clients (high school students with ADHD, parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, and adults who wanted to refine their career goals) on how they knew they were done working with Adela as their ADHD Coach or Life Coach:

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For Adults With (Or Without) ADHD: It's Okay To Ask For Help

Hey there. How are you doing? There's a lot of sadness in our world this week, after Sunday's shooting in Las Vegas, and sometimes the heaviness of the world, compounded with struggles in our personal lives, can feel deeply overwhelming!

For adults with ADHD (and adults without ADHD): it's okay to ask for help. Everyone is good at something and no one is good at everything. You may not be an expert in organizing, planning, or time management but you ARE an expert at being you.

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