Mind Coach NOLA on ADHD/ADD Resources in the New Orleans Area

When I first became aware that my son might have ADHD, I realized I needed help. I needed to to put together a support team—not just for him, but for myself and for my family’s sanity. I will forever be indebted to the learning specialist at his school who gave me pep talks and told me who to call and where to go. Together with her, my husband and I met with his home room teachers and the school counselor. We talked to the psychologist who tested and evaluated him and we met with his pediatrician. We also met with a naturopath.

I spoke to a lot of people in different fields shopping around for the right combination of solutions and the right fit for my son and our family. In the end, we are happy to see him thrive, but it has not been as easy journey.

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What Sets Mind Coach NOLA Apart From Other ADHD or Life Coaches In New Orleans? Part 2

What sets Mind Coach NOLA apart from other ADHD or life coaches based out of New Orleans? There's my years as a high school language teacher, and my experience coaching executives, which means I approach coaching from the perspective of "teaching and inspiring," rather than the perspective of a social worker or therapist. But there's also my Dutch experience!

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