Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Compassion for the ADHD Brain

Do you have a relative or friend who just doesn’t want to “believe” in ADHD? Do you know someone who just doesn’t get it? You just want them to understand so that they can empathize with the gargantuan effort of trying to fit in, and can show a bit of compassion to the turbo thinker. Here’s a quick slide show that outlines how the ADHD brain affects everyday life.

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: The Virtues of ADHD Parenting

I got a kick out of this article from ADDitude Magazine, "Your Kids Don’t Need “Perfect.” They Need “Persistent” and “Patient," and I hope other parents of ADHD kids will too. My fave is the "ADHD Mom virtue" slide highlighting “creativity." ADHD moms and dads of ADHD-diagnosed kids are indeed geniuses at turning everything into a game and making it all fun!

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Mind Coach NOLA on Mind Power, Not Leg Power

It all began with a question on Saturday morning. “Mami, how fast can you run a mile?” I didn’t know. I knew I was fast, used to be fast, had been fast. Definitely past tense. I also knew that I was terrible about speed work, fartleks, and all that other stuff you’re supposed to do. I’m more of the slow and steady wins the race type. But my daughter wanted to know. She’s on the middle school track team and talks about this stuff daily. She had a growth spurt, has legs longer than mine, and wanted to race me. I was still in my running shorts and thought I could use one more mile that day, so I agreed. I had nothing scheduled except for “Mom time” anyway…

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Test Your ADHD Knowledge

Perhaps you are new to the tribe of ADHD. Perhaps you have been reading and researching for years online. How much do you actually know? How much is true? Take this short quiz from a trusted resource to find out. The answers provide brief and direct explanations that you can use in conversations with friends, family, teachers, co-workers and anyone else you might know. Help me educate the world on ADHD.

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Saturday, May 5 Event for Parents of Children with ADHD: Come Fest With Us Before The Fest!

This Saturday, May 5th, before you head to Jazz Fest, come join us at 9:00 am for an informal meet-up hosted by the NOLA chapter of CHADD. We meet on the second floor of the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center, in the multipurpose room. 

Parenting a child with ADHD can be so much fun and so exhausting. It can be an adventure and it can be exasperating. Your child’s strengths and challenges will change as he or she grows from toddler on through the teenage years, and it may not always be easy as a parent. Know that you are not alone. We hope to see you there!

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Mind Coach NOLA on Dr. Ned Hallowell's Advice

Last week I attended a talk by Tulane graduate Dr. Ned Hallowell, author of the classic international best seller, Driven to Distraction. After a trip down memory lane recalling his Tulane days, he shared his New England childhood struggles with learning differences and how those led to his years of research and successful treatment of both children and adults with ADHD.

One thing that sets Dr. Hallowell apart from other experts in the field is his emphasis on the power of connection. While this may seem obvious, as humans, we all need connection; Dr. Hallowell links it to learning...

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