Inside The Adult ADHD Brain

"The Civil War Inside My Brain," by June Silny over at Additude is a sweet little slide show for when you can't find the words to explain what it's like to have ADHD. I find the article especially helpful for adults with ADHD. 

For adults in relationships with ADHD-diagnosed adults, whether that means romantic, work-related, or familial, #7, "Tough Love Doesn't Work," seems particularly important: 

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Young, Single, and Professionally Confused: A Mind Coach NOLA Guide

Maybe you describe yourself as a "young, single professional." Maybe you've graduated from college or an advanced degree program and have embarked on your dream career. Maybe this "dream career" is exactly what you wanted, or maybe it isn't. Maybe things aren't lining up the way you'd hoped they would by now, in your late twenties, thirties, or even forties.

There's plenty you could do: yoga, a new hobby, a new diet. Some people quit their job and backpack around the world for a year. Some people join a CrossFit gym. Call it a quarter-life-crisis (I think John Mayer already did)—but it's a real thing. 

If you're at this place, or even headed in this direction, a life coach can help you get back to a place of authenticity and purpose:

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A Life Coach for the College Crowd

Why a life coach for college-age students?

We're all aware that college students are balancing a lot: a full load of classes, a part-time or full-time job, a busy social life, and family obligations. Meanwhile, they're also living on their own for the first time, maintaining their budgets, their time, their laundry, and their health.

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Helping You Help Your Child

If you're a mother or father of a lower-school student who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, you may be relieved to finally put a name to the complexities your child experiences when it comes to finishing tasks, focusing on school work, or adjusting to the demands of a new teacher each year. But you probably have a lot of questions about this new diagnosis. How can you best meet your child's needs while also balancing the needs of your other family members, your own work, and your relationships? Understandably, you want to do all you can to guide your child and to help your whole family better understand what it looks like to love and support someone diagnosed with ADHD. 

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