Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: The Truth About Research on Screen Time

With technology changing so rapidly, it has been challenging for scientists to create studies about screen time. However, one conclusion has been unanimous. According to the article "The Truth About Research on Screen Time," by Kayt Sukel:

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“Parents are in a more powerful position than they realize. We did a study with more than 1,400 families in two states, and found that parents who set limits on the amount and content of children’s media make a significant difference in terms of kids getting more sleep, doing better in school, being more pro-social, being less aggressive, and being at lower risk for obesity. This was pretty surprising because these are very different types of variables and parents had different ways of setting those limits. Yet we still saw a strong effect... Simply setting limits on children’s media… has this huge ripple effect across a wide range of positive health indicators, even though parents won’t be able to see the effects easily.”

As a parent, even with this knowledge, it can still be hard to set and enforce limits on your child's screen time—especially when you spend a lot of time on technology yourself. Try working with an ADHD/life coach like Mind Coach NOLA to establish family-wide technology rules and strengthen executive function skills, which can boost your child's school success, help you meet your own career and life goals, and improve the relationship between the members of your family.