Recommended Reading From Mind Coach NOLA: On Brain Imaging

I find Dr. Amen’s work fascinating. I find it incredible that we know so little about the brain in comparison to the rest of human anatomy, and yet it is our most vital organ. Luckily there is more and more brain research every day as the field grows in leaps in bounds. 

brain 2.jpg

While you may be familiar with brain imaging by CAT or MRI scans, a SPECT scan captures blood flow and activity in the brain to study brain function. While an MRI shows what the brain looks like, a SPECT scan shows if it is exhibiting healthy activity. What I find most exciting is that we now have visible proof that brain rehabilitation is possible. You can choose to improve your own brain with a healthy diet, exercise, sleep habits and brain training. You can actually see the results in the scans: proof that you can literally change your brain and change your life!