Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Mardi Gras & Impulsivity

Happy Mardi Gras, from Mind Coach NOLA!

Mardi Gras presents us with every opportunity for impulsive behavior. ADHD or not, the whole city is throwing caution to the wind, so I can too! Right? 


Maybe. Maybe not. The choice is yours. Taking the time to consciously make that choice is the key here. The WebMD article "How to Curb Impulsive Speech" offers a few easy steps to keep your impulsive behavior in check this Mardi Gras weekend, like the "STOP" technique:

S: Stop being on autopilot.
T: Take a mindful breath.
O: Observe how the conversation is going, where your attention is, your urges, and what's happening in your body.
P: Proceed by either continuing or correcting what's happening in your mind and body.

It's Mardi Gras, so, yes, have fun! And yes! Feel good about it later! Keep it funky, keep it fun, and keep it fabulous.