Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Helping Teens Find Purpose

Purpose_for_kids 2.png

"Seven Ways to Help High Schoolers Find Purpose" is a great article from The Daily Good on the importance of intrinsic motivation. It is essential to identify your values and define your purpose. When you are working from a value-aligned, purposeful place, hard work does not seem so hard. In fact, working from a place aligned with your values and purposes, once you've done the work to get to that place, feels natural and often puts you in a state of “flow,” meaning that you feel fully immersed in an activity, giving it all of your attention and deriving enjoyment from the process.

I love how this article combines the work I do as a life coach (mostly for young adult and adults clients) with the work I do as an ADHD coach for teens (or parents of children diagnosed with ADHD). I enjoy the process of helping clients identify their purpose, a process which can be done in New Orleans or via technology, and then make daily changes and set goals in order to live a life aligned with their values. Get in touch with Mind Coach NOLA if you want to discuss how life coaching or ADHD coaching can be a powerful force in your teen's life or your own life!