Recommended Reading From Mind Coach NOLA: Create Your Own Mantra


As you all know, the mind has the power to make you or break you. Having the skills to quiet the internal criticism, the doubts and the self flagellation is crucial to success. Think about what you sometimes tell yourself: “You can’t do that. You’re not good enough. You’re too stupid. You don't deserve that.” Would you tell that to a child? To anyone? Why would you talk like that to yourself?! Having a strategy to shut down the inner critic and turn around the negative self talk is key. In fact, not only do you need to shut it, you need to drown in out with a cheerleading squad. This is where mantras come in. A mantra is a word or short statement that propels your mind into a positive state so that you can crush your goal. (Here's a helpful article from Runner's World on creating your mantra.)

So what do you say? First identify the negative thought: “Girl, you are as slow as molasses.” Then say the opposite. Use your own words, something that speaks to you: “You are faster than a cheetah!” Now repeat, envision and repeat. And when I say repeat, I mean say it OUT LOUD! You are your own cheering squad! Even better, make posters of your mantra! Go crazy! Take little post-its and put that mantra on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, on your desk, on your nightstand. You power of positive thinking is yours. What could you accomplish with that?!