Ask an ADHD Coach: Is Your Child Ready for College?

college 2.jpg

"Good to Go (to College)" by Marissa Kantor at Additude Magazine is a great article for parents on how to better empower their children for college. Being ready for college means being able to manage all aspects of life, not just being ready academically. For example, an assignment pad is not a planner. Can your teenager plan out ALL of his/her activities after school and on the weekends and still get to bed on time? If you are already a college student, how do use all of that free time when you are not in classes? Where does all of the time go? And why are you still tired in the morning?  

An ADHD or ADD mind coach, like Mind Coach NOLA, can help your student with these executive function skills! (And can also help guide parents of ADHD-diagnosed children, or young adults who are working on improving their executive functioning skills.) The great news is that a mind coach can work with students in the area (for example, here in New Orleans) or long distance, through FaceTime, Skype, emails, and text messages.