Mind Coach NOLA on Why Parents Need a Monthly Meet-Up


I remember when I got the official diagnosis that my son has ADHD. His teachers had been patient and wonderful, as were the learning specialist and the counselor at his school. I already knew it was coming but my husband was in denial and a small part of me just wanted it all to go away. “Maybe it’s just a phase that he will outgrow,” I told myself. And when the psychologist explained to us he was a “classic textbook case,” I was both relieved and devastated. At the time, I did not know all that I know now. Nobody told me that ADHD is a gift or that my son has superpowers. Nobody exclaimed, “Congratulations! You gave birth to a kid with an amazing brain! Lucky you!” 

It was hard. Really hard. And really, really exhausting. It was hard to find people who understood and people who would just listen. It was very hard to find the right babysitter. And did I mention that it was tiring? I could have used a support group then. And you know what? I can still use a support group now. Because in the moment, it’s hard to say the right thing and model the right behavior every time. And while my kid may have “classic ADHD,” there is nothing classic about what goes on in my house. It can be a loud, crazy, parkour dance party one minute and a hyper-focused, dead silent drawing session the next. 

So I started a support group. Together with my friend and therapist, Casey Blasair, as a community service from the NOLA chapter of CHADD, we now have a free support group every first Saturday of the month from 9-10am in the Broadmoor Community Wellness Center. So come on over, for out third meet-up on March 3rd! Spread the word! We have lots to talk about. And we can also just listen.