Mind Coach NOLA on Watching Your Vision Board Dreams Come True

This is it!

“This is it, Mami!,” exclaimed my daughter. My son knew exactly what she was talking about it. “This is the place from the picture! We found it!” And yes, I definitely knew what they were shouting about. Only I had trouble responding because I had tears in my eyes, was awestruck by its beauty and dumbfounded by the fact that we had made it. My heart swelled with pride because I had made it happen. We were there.


We were in the Zaci cenote in the small town of Valladolid, Mexico. And for months I have had a picture of it taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet. There it was in all of its splendor, an underground spring fed swimming hole of crystal clear water, partially sheltered by a cave dripping with jungle vines and tropical flowers. Only now we could hear the cacophony of birds and see the tiny black catfish native only to cenotes, and we could dive in after a morning of hot and dusty hiking.

We had visited a few breathtaking cenotes on our trip, but this was the one on my vision board. My magazine cutouts and prints of exotic travel destinations motivate me to meet my deadlines and achieve my goals. Every day I see them and think, “I will be there one day.” When a task seems daunting, or when I’m afraid to push myself, my pictures of jungles, forests, beaches and mountain trails inspire me to go and give it a try. I can jump in and just do it.

And that is exactly what we did. We set down our backpacks, stripped down to our bathing suits and jumped in. The water was cold, and even though it was clear, we could not see the bottom. We swam, we floated and looked up at the stalactites, and laughed. It felt good. More than good. It felt GREAT!

What’s on your vision board? How will it feel when that image is your true life experience? Go for it! It’s yours for the taking.