Mind Coach NOLA on the Power of Unsubscribing: Part 2

Following along with Part 1 of this series, we're looking at "the Power of Unsubscribing." Today, let's think about another approach: "unsubscribing" from the powerful siren song of your phone.


To use a phone is a conscious choice, like using any other tool. Imagine you are asked to take a quiz. Should you use a pen or pencil? It’s simply a choice—just like the choice you make to use your phone at any point during the day.

However, the manufacturers of the devices, the apps, and the games have specifically hired experts (marketing gurus, neuropsychologists, neurobiologists, child psychiatrists, etc.) to design their products in a way that induces addictive behavior. Their ultimate goal is to reap profits. By giving in and allowing yourself to act passively, rather than consciously choosing a behavior that brings you closer to your personal goals, you are letting them win. You are helping them make more money rather than helping yourself become a better person.

I suggest checking out this mindful cell phone practice, called "The Seventy-Ninth Organ," be Christopher Willard. 

With my clients, I encourage them to think of their core values. Think of where you want to be in 10 years, in 5, next year. What about next week? Looking back from then, will this choice have been wise? Is it helping you be the best version of yourself? How necessary is it?

What powerful things could happen if you unsubscribed, or unplugged, or made a conscious choice to not pick up your phone?