Mind Coach NOLA on Self-Reflection

Since Mind Coach NOLA is still on Thanksgiving break, I wanted to do a little throw-back to my first blog post ever, "Why I Do It," written a little over a year ago.

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Blogging and developing an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook presence has been so much fun, but I didn't start coaching in order to spend time on social media! It's so important to disengage from the things that pull our attention away from our goals, to prioritize family and friends, and to self-reflect. And we can all use a little help with that, from time to time! If you find yourself on social media this week, maybe in a post-Thanksgiving daze, take some time to reflect on your social media usage: Is it an addiction? Can you turn it off? How is it stopping you from meeting your goals (spending quality time with family, for example, or getting that homework done)? And how can an ADHD or life coach like Mind Coach NOLA help you feel better about your daily choices?