Mind Coach NOLA on Motivating Teens with ADHD: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at motivational problems for teens with ADHD.


So as a parent, what can you do?

Build intrinsic motivation.

Provide parameters and explain consequences.

Build a growth mindset.

Step back and create scaffolding. Make a list of everything you do for your teen. Cross off what he can do himself, and let him do it! Ask, “What’s your plan?” “What will your future self feel if you do that or don’t do that?”

Have some compassion, also for yourself! The end goal is not a perfect child, but one who can willingly learn and grow his or her entire life.

The article "Can I Save My Teen From Failure?" at ADDitude Magazine, by Adam Price, is a great resource for parents. Another option is to work with an ADHD coach like Mind Coach NOLA.