Mind Coach NOLA on "Mind Full" or Mindfulness

One of my favorite sessions at the International ADHD conference earlier this November was facilitated by Dr. Christopher Willard, psychologist, author and educational consultant specializing in mindfulness. He asked us, “Are you mind full or mindful?” Is your mind full of random thoughts or are you paying attention in real time with kindness and curiosity? We reach for our phones on average 150 times per day. How many of those times are necessary? Or even conscious choices?

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When you think to send a message, try to WAIT:

W= wide audience. Would it be ok to show this to my grandmother?
A= affect. What is my emotional state right now?
I= intent. What is the purpose of sending this?
T= today. Could it wait until tomorrow to send?

When you hear your phone, try to:

Pause and breathe.
Be present.
Ask yourself, “Do I need to see this now?”

Like a slot machine, the smart phone has been designed as a product to manipulate our behavior. It’s up to you to take control and moderate your use.