Mind Coach NOLA on Making Exercise a Habit


Most of my clients call me when they are stuck because of procrastination, lack of motivation and inability to follow through. We work on a variety of skills, like setting goals, planning, and prioritizing. After a week or two, the subject of exercise comes around. “I really should, but I just don’t have time.” “I just don’t like it.” “I haven’t been able to stick with it.”

With coaching, all of my clients have eventually been able to make some form of exercise a habit. And the reason is that it makes them feel so good! Exercise revs up the attention section of your brain. When those juicy brain chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are released, you can focus and sustain attention. When you can do that, you can stay on task. When you stay on task, you achieve your goals. When your achieve your goals, you feel success and confidence. Woohoo!

So don’t just do it for your body. Do it for your brain! Go team!