Mind Coach NOLA on Accountability Partners


Sometimes in life we need an accountability partner. This person can be a professional coach, but it can also be a friend, a family member or even an online community. Say you want to train for the Crescent City Classic. You have the perfect training schedule to finish that 10k, but how will you ever get the motivation to follow it? Maybe you post online that you have signed up for the race. Maybe you find a friend to train with you. Maybe your friend lives across the lake, but knowing that you will both be following the same schedule, you can check in with each other. Knowing that you have to report your pace or share your follow through will encourage you to actually get out there and do it. Sometimes we just need someone by our side cheering us on. That could be literally a friend biking alongside of you, or it could be someone following your progress and keeping you positive when the going gets tough.

Who can be your cheerleader and accountability partner? Who can help you get to the finish line?