Executive Function Checklist

As the leader in ADHD and Executive Function coaching in the New Orleans and Louisiana area, one of our go-to resources for information in the industry is ADDitude Magazine.

Executive function skills are essential whether you or your child has an ADHD diagnosis or not. A person does not need an ADHD diagnosis to then start strengthening EF skills. Actually, we coach all students and adults in the New Orleans and Louisiana area even if they do not have a formal diagnosis. We are not medical professionals, but given our training and experience, we can recognize when focus needs to shift on EF so that we can help you or your child feel confident, embrace success and tackle obstacles that come your way.

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Mind Coach NOLA is the leader in ADHD and Executive Function life coaching in New Orleans and the entire Louisiana area. Let us help you as a professional or your child as a life coach that tackles executive function and ADHD. We serve the New Orleans community because we are from New Orleans and we're dedicated to being life coaches and transforming our community before tackling others.