Stay Tuned for Our Control Freak Podcast Episode!

TONIGHT we’ll be recording a 45 minute podcast episode with the incredible Molly Thayer of the Control Freak podcast. Adela Baker will be talking about the differences between neurotypical and ADHD brains and how to improve communication between the two.

From Molly: ”Hey, y'all! Let's talk about control. Have you lost it, need it, or can't seem to stay in it? If that's you, then you've found the right podcast! I'm Molly Thayer, your head control freak and rule follower. Take control by joining me and my fellow freak guests was we dive in, dish on, and get a grip on all your love and life issues…and we have so many to discuss! Listen in each week as we take a fresh and funny look at our complicated lives - covering everything from love to business to all of our freaky issues. Learn a little, laugh a lot, and get things in control…together. This is Control Freak.”

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