Recommended Reading: My ADHD Looks Nothing Like Your ADHD

“All three of my sons have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So do both of their parents. And most of their friends. All of this is to say I’ve seen a lot of ADHD manifestations in my time and I’ve come to realize something important: No two cases of ADHD are alike.

What works for one child with ADHD may not click with another. The ADHD accommodations that save one child at school may be unnecessary for another. The triggers, the hiccups, the challenges, and the strengths may vary so wildly in my three boys that you’d never guess they were brothers. As parents and educators, of course we need to research the diagnoses, read the textbooks, and search our support communities for answers. But, most importantly, we need to look at the individual child.

Some children can’t pay attention standing still. Literally. They cannot absorb information unless they’re bouncing, fidgeting, kicking, wandering, or jumping up and down. These kids benefit from bouncy chairs, from rubber bands stretched cross their desk legs for kicking, or from open classrooms that allow them to move when they need to (otherwise, their pencils tend to break with startling frequency, and they visit the pencil sharpener every 10 minutes).

I went through a hyperactive phase in my teenage years, and it was brutal. To this day, I listen better with a fidget toy in my hands.”

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