Why Us?

Mind Coach NOLA is comprised of nine New Orleans based coaches 100% dedicated and committed to the Louisiana area. Why? Because we strive to better our community before tackling the world.

We are life coaches that specialize in the ADHD brain. We can give you the skills to:

  • Manage your time

  • Maintain focus

  • Reduce procrastination

  • Plan, prioritize, and organize

  • Self-motivate

  • Self-regulate

  • Improve your working memory

If you are sick of hearing, “You have so much potential! Why can’t you just…?”, it is time to change course and take action. We can help you overcome obstacles, understand the roadblocks you consistently run into and change the course of your success. The Mind Coach NOLA goal is to help clients achieve happiness, balance and fulfillment. We help teens and adults move from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and incompetent to feeling calm, independently successful and confident.

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Mind Coach NOLA is the leader in ADHD and Executive Function life coaching in New Orleans and the entire Louisiana area. Let us help you as a professional or your child as a life coach that tackles executive function and ADHD. We serve the New Orleans community because we are from New Orleans and we're dedicated to being life coaches and transforming our community before tackling others.