Update: Website Directory

We pride ourselves on building awareness around ADHD and providing resources of professionals who "get it". We hope to include: clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, cognitive behavioral therapists, applied behavioral therapists, evaluation and testing specialists, speech language pathologists, addiction therapists, mindfulness trainers, tutors, naturopaths and integrated medicine professionals.

Our latest addition? Chatter NOLA, a boutique private practice located in Metairie that provides speech-language, and ABA therapy for littles up to 11 years old with and without ADHD.

Know someone who should be on the list that falls into these categories? Email us today!

  • Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Tutor / Testing

  • Therapists

  • Speech / Occupational Therapists

Our website directory serves as a place for parents, students and adults to go for resources and support for ADHD, which is why it is a never-ending work of art. We’re constantly expanding the list, adding new categories and offering more resources ourselves. Bookmark the page & stay updated on when new additions are made!

Mind Coach NOLA is the leader in ADHD and Executive Function life coaching in New Orleans and the entire Louisiana area. Let us help you as a professional or your child as a life coach that tackles executive function and ADHD. We serve the New Orleans community because we are from New Orleans and we're dedicated to being life coaches and transforming our community before tackling others.