We're Lifelong Learners

A great question is: How can you continually try to learn as a way of curating a growth mindset? There is no one answer because we all have our own learning style. So I would say, think back to a time when you were able to master a mountain of complicated material or a certain challenging skill. How did you make that happen? What worked for you then? Are you a visual learner? Do you work better with drawings and mind maps? Are you an auditory learner? Do you need to listen to a lecture attentively, more than once? Did you learn by teaching the material or the skill to someone else, saying it out loud? Are you a kinesthetic learner? Did you physically have to practice the skill multiple times and figure it out by trial and error? Did you have to put pen to paper to write it out? Or did you act it out? Do you learn better by reading and highlighting? By watching it on a video? By listening to a podcast? Or by doing it until you get it right? Do you quiz yourself to learn from your mistakes, until you get it 100% right? What does “study” mean? What is the action of studying for you? Choose your verb. What will actually do?

Sometimes we need a combination of activities. But only you know your brain best. I do know that my Turbo Thinkers need their brain stimulation for motivation. Of course, choosing a topic that interests you fulfills that requirement. How does this topic or skill support your greater long-term goals? Do you have a specific goal and deadline in mind? How far could you go? The beauty of the human brain is that it can be rewired. We have the capability of being lifelong learners. Why would you not want to seize that opportunity? Every day is a new chance for a better version of yourself.

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