5 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

  1. Set your alarm to go off in another room. This forces you to get out of bed to turn it off. If it’s a motivational song, you may even dance or sing along. You can turn it off but do not look at your phone! Do not look at social media, news, or email until you are dressed and out the door.

  2. Drink water first thing in the morning. Drink at least 8 ounces to replenish the body, hydrate the brain and get oxygen pumping.

  3. Stretch, exercise and get outside in the fresh air. If your clothes has been laid out the night before this will go smoothly. Inhale fully and deeply. Loosen your limbs. Get your heart pumping. If you have a pet, use him or her as a personal trainer. Don’t just open the back door. Get out and walk! Don’t let the weather stop you. It’s only water people.

  4. Have a breakfast plan with ingredients ready. Find a few well balanced, fresh and yummy breakfast options that include protein too. You are fueling your brain here for optimal performance.

  5. If you still need caffeine or another stimulant, consume with intent and not just out of habit. You might find that you need less after having added these steps to your morning routine.

Start incorporating these things into your routine & have a great day!

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