A Matter of Perspective

Last week my sister, Cristina, called during my lunch break. The timing was perfect. I was just sitting down to a large fresh salad on my sunny back porch and we could catch up. After all the news on the kids, work and family vacation plans, I began to complain about a certain situation in which I had found myself. She cut off my whining and retorted with, “Adela, do something about it then!” (She is my sister, not my coach, so she doesn’t use question techniques.) She went on to say, “Life is too long! Some people say that life is too short, but I say that life is too long.” Indeed, she is correct. Life is too long to live in a miserable situation. Life is too long to wait for the perfect scenario. Life is too long to be stuck somewhere you do not enjoy. 

Yes, you may sometimes want to say, “Life is too short!,” to make a spontaneous decision, a risky jump in a throw caution to the wind type of moment. How fun! How exhilarating!

But think of who is going to have to live with you every day for the rest of your life? You! If you are not living your best life now, then when? Life is long! It is way too long to focus on being someone less than the person you were meant to be. What can you do about it? What step can you take today for a life full of meaning and happiness? Get out of that rut. Get busy. A beautiful journey awaits you.

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