5 Pitfalls to Avoid as an Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs are Turbo Thinkers! As innovators, they produce ingenious ideas and fearlessly run with them. They are creative risk takers that see opportunities where others can’t. However, it requires executive function skills to take The Big Idea and turn it into reality. Having worked with many, I’ve run into some common challenges.

  1. Getting stuck in the research. Face it, you are procrastinating. At some point, you’ve read enough and you just have to do it. Nothing can teach you like first hand experience. Have a specific question in mind, set a time limit to find the answer, and move on.

  2. Hiding behind email. It’s a lot easier to build trust with a face to face conversation and a shared experience. If you can’t meet in person, set up a video conference. What is the best use of your time? What will yield the best results? Don’t work for your email all day, rather make it work for you in a few short blocks of time.

  3. Being afraid to hustle. Get out there and meet people with whom you can collaborate. How can you help drive business to each other? Can you meet more than one person in the same neighborhood? How can you keep track of your contacts and follow up? Plan and organize using a system that works for you.

  4. Not taking time to evaluate and plan on a weekly and monthly basis. What were the top lessons you learned? Assess your priorities and decide if you’re happy with how you spend your time. How can you change that? What is the greatest difference between this month and last? Who or what are you grateful for this month? Name three things you can improve this month. What actions can you take?

  5. Allowing your beliefs to limit your success. Turn around any negative mindset you may have. If you could get rid of the inner critic that says you will never succeed, what could you accomplish? So what if you made a mistake? Learn from it and move on. No one can stop you but yourself. What is your mantra?

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