9 Ways to be a #GoalCrusher in 2019

  1. Have a deadline. If there is no end date, there is no urgency to work on it.

  2. Break it down into small steps. How can you divide it into bite size chunks?

  3. What can be done on a daily basis? What is one thing that you can do every day to get you one step closer to the person you want to be?

  4. Have an accountability partner. Who can do it with you? Who can cheer you on?

  5. Have a way to measure and track your progress. Celebrate your success!

  6. Have compassion for yourself if you experience a setback. What would you tell your best friend in the same situation?

  7. What is your reward? Do you have a specific experience or material prize in mind?

  8. Plan for breaks and transitions. Sometimes progress happens in spurts and that’s ok.

  9. Is your goal in alignment with your big picture? How does it relate to your long term vision?

  10. Make it challenging yet realistic. Is it even possible? Is it possible with the resources you have? With the time you have?

  11. Most of all, make it fun. What is appealing about the process? About the end result?

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