10 Actionable Tips for 2019

Here are 10 tips with some of my personal examples:

  1. Find one place to jot down all of your big ideas.

    The blank pages in the back of my planner.

  2. Create your weekly plan consistently.

    Every Sunday night right after dinner.

  3. Identify your motivation for getting out of bed the night before.

    I get to meet my new client.

  4. Decide on a place to set your stuff out for the next day, including keys.

    On the side table next to the front door.

  5. Plan according to your energy levels.

    Write and make sales calls in the morning after exercise and breakfast.

  6. Stock a favorite protein snack for an afternoon dip.

    Apple slices with peanut butter.

  7. Find creative ways for reminders.

    Wear a rubber band on my wrist.

  8. Practice mindfulness.

    7 counts of inhale and 11 counts of exhale with ujjayi breath.

  9. Create a sleep routine to wind down your turbo thinking brain.

    Reading a book in bed with lavender blend aromatherapy oil on my temples and pulse points.

  10. Review the previous month’s goals and check off all your achievements.

    Big check marks and a happy dance.

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