Recommended Reading: 10 Reasons Why You Need to be Motivated

“When you are MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC, your practice is a completely different operation.


If you are not motivated, you always run out of energy. Going to bed is the best part of your day.

If you are motivated, you move quickly all day long and never stop. You are a source of power.


If you are unmotived, you hate making decisions. You cannot see how one choice is better than another. Doing nothing seems better than making bad decisions.

If you are motivated, you have confidence. You make fast decisions. You are not afraid of taking risks. You know that to get ahead in life, you need to act.


If you lack motivation, you do what you must do and no more. Working harder and being more productive is not a goal.

When you are enthusiastic about your job, you love finding new ways to get more done. You set targets for yourself and work to beat them. Your job is a game and your production statistic is the score card.”

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