Mindful Parenting Review

How were the workshop participants?

The participants were amazing. They were all engaged, curious and willing to share. Moreover, they were all open to new ideas and eager to grow. They were brave and adventurous in their conversation.

What were the main talking points throughout the workshop?

Because the Loft is such a tranquil sanctuary, everyone was very open and honest with their personal challenges at home. It gave us the chance to address individual needs and brainstorm different solutions in a safe space. It was reassuring to hear that we are not alone in our daily challenges as parents!

What do you find is the most shocking piece of information - for example where people are like wow!?

I think that certain statistics from scientific studies shock people. For instance, “the average mind wanders 47% of the time.” The reaction is, “No wonder I have trouble concentrating!.” Yeah - it’s normal.

Also, “The average teen would rather receive 10 minutes of electric shocks than spend 10 minutes alone with his thoughts.” They would rather check out (of reality, immersed in the virtual world on their phone) than check in (with their personal ideas and true feelings). Today’s parents didn’t grow up in a digital world and the generation gap presents an extra challenge in parenting.

The Mindful Parenting workshop was held at the Pilates and Yoga Loft in September of 2018 in Metairie, Louisiana. As the leader in ADHD and Executive Function coaching in the area we were thrilled to be invited to lead a workshop on mindfulness. Mind Coach NOLA is the leader in ADHD and Executive Function life coaching in New Orleans and the entire Louisiana area.