All About Spontaneity

Do you find benefit in spontaneity?

Yes, spontaneity is fun! It can be associated with risk, adventure and discovery. Sometimes letting go and acting on a spontaneous decision can bring joy and exhilaration.

In what situation did being spontaneous bring benefit to your life?

To me, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone. Yes, I do firmly believe that planning works. But there are times when your schedule is free or a unique option comes along. Hitting that “submit” button to sign up for a half marathon before I had ever trained for one. Purchasing my tickets to travel alone to the Mexican jungle. Signing up for a hooping class. I usually take a while to weigh my decisions, but not always and those tended to be the most fun. I also admit that my husband is the more spontaneous one. He has ADHD and one of the signature traits is spontaneity and zest for life. “We’re going to the giant water slides!” And everyone was suddenly on the car with bathing suits and towels. Done.

In what situations would it serve someone to be spontaneous?

A common situation could be: it’s Saturday. I have no plans. Let me get off my sofa and go do something. Spontaneity is the perfect antidote to comfort and monotony. Find out what’s going on in town and just go. You never know who you might meet, what you might learn or where you may end up. Dare to believe in serendipity. That doesn’t happen in PJs on the cat hair covered lounger.

Can being spontaneous increase the likelihood of someone’s success?

Yes! Without spontaneity we would not have innovation. Again, those with ADHD tend to generate thousands of new ideas. It’s fantastic to have a turbo charged brain that churns out a variety of solutions to boredom.

Do you agree that spontaneity can correlate to heightened creativity?

Absolutely. The fear of risk is gone. The pause of judgement is gone. Spontaneity provides the ability to express oneself with 100% freedom.

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