My best friend recently sent this me this graphic. I laughed out loud because the bottom one is exactly what our coffee dates would look like in diagram form. We have known each other since seventh grade and every time we see each other it’s like we’re teens all over again, only this time without big perms, braces, bad skin or shoulder pads. We are now busy working women, mothers and community activists. Time spent together is precious and limited. My best friend I attended the same middle school, moved to the same high school, then lost touch while away at college. It turns out that we eventually both lived abroad (she in Austria and I in the Netherlands) during the same decade. We both moved back to New Orleans and found ourselves living directly across Audubon Park from one another. Quelle coïncidence! Since then, we have raised our babies and now meet for coffee or a quick field trip to the Botanical Gardens or a museum exhibit in town. Our get togethers are never dull and never long enough! We jump from subject to subject, laugh loudly, act out stories and support each other through difficult times. And afterwards we inevitably send a quick text or email starting with, “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you…”

We have turbo charged conversations, bursting with ideas, stimuli, creativity and comedy on the most ridiculous and random assortment of topics. We talk with exuberance, enthusiasm and lots of love. When we are together, we hyperfocus on each other, yet invite and share every thought that comes to mind. And it is absolutely, positively wonderful. Linear thinking is not necessarily the right way nor the better way of thinking or speaking. It may be neurotypical but it certainly isn’t more fun.

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