What is a Mind Coach?

My coaching journey began with my son’s troubles in school.

I couldn’t swallow the fact that my son kept causing trouble in school because he could not sit still or keep his mouth shut. I went on a mission to help him and our family understand his ADHD diagnosis, and in the process decided to help other students in similar situations. Lo and behold, I became a CACP-certified ADHD Coach, and have been fortunate to see my student clients experience success and gain confidence.

At the same time, I received calls from adults also struggling with executive function skills. Savvy, educated, and independent women called me, needing some direction in their lives. Some were in the process of questioning their career choices and others had so much to do but couldn’t manage to do it all. They used the word “overwhelmed,” while some preferred “hot mess.” Many were at the point where they no longer dared to dream big. Yes, I will help you, too! And I did. After a few months, they experienced happiness, success, and fulfillment. One client even reached her 10-year goal in a 3-month coaching period! She had it in her and just needed a coach to get her there.

I love my job. I love my clients. They are spontaneous, creative and passionate visionaries who inspire me every day.

Mind Coach NOLA is the leader in ADHD and Executive Function life coaching in New Orleans and the entire Louisiana area.