How to Get Everything Done This Holiday Season

How do distractions prove to be a difficult obstacle to overcome?

Our brains tend to find distractions that boost our dopamine levels. What is something that can make us feel good and require little to no effort? Hulu! Snapchat! And if we can find something that rewards us with zero effort, well that’s even better. Hello, video games! Here we have something that tells us we are awesome for doing nothing. The brain loves that short term high, and can even get addicted to it.

What is an effective way to ensure you’re on track to accomplish everything you need during a busy season?

There are different systems you can use,but you want a system that you enjoy so that you will stick with it. Some people like a giant white board, while others like lists on their phones. As always, you need to set specific goals, break your tasks into smaller steps, and work backwards from your final due date. Mark things off as you finish them and celebrate your accomplishments.

What are your recommendations: a written to-do list, heavily entered calendar, notifications through email, establishing your vision etc

Keep your goals and your motivation or incentive where you can see them daily.

Estimate how long your tasks will take to make realistic plans.

Factor in transition times and extra buffers for traffic delays.

Practice self care. How can you keep your energy levels up? When is your energy at its peak? Can you plan your most challenging tasks then?

How can you help clients productively work through a hectic time?

Sometimes the hardest part is simply starting. It’s like a swimming pool of cold water. You can put one toe in then spend hours hanging out at the edge without getting wet. Or you can just dive in. Maybe you can tell yourself, “Just do this for 15 minutes.” Set a timer and dive into the work. Before you know it, like the pool, you will be enjoying yourself and feeling better too.

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