How Do You Know When You're Done (With Your ADHD Coach or Life Coach)? Part 2

Last week, Adela Baker of Mind Coach NOLA shared how she knows a client is done, and ready to put his or her new skills into use. She discussed her "checklist" that demonstrates a client's happiness, personal successes, and sense of control over life, whether she is coaching that client on their goals, as a Life Coach, or their executive function skills, as an ADHD Coach.


But here's another question... CAN YOU RETURN? What if three months isn't enough? What if a client relapses? Here's what Adela had to say:

"Yes, you can always come back! I have had that before; not a relapse, but just a jump start for the first month of the school year. It could be with any type of new goals or change in routine. Sometimes you need a little help to figure things out and start new habits until you can handle it daily on your own.

And of course, I will always answer any questions and stay in touch with clients. (And they should be following me on my blog and social media (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for biweekly tips, research and anecdotes!). Most of the time when I hear from an old client, it's because they share good news, like "We won the State Championship! I got into XYZ college! I finally planned my trip to hike the Pacific Crest Trail!"

It's good to know you always have someone like Adela in your corner, rooting for you, believing that you can do it!