Recommended Reading From Mind Coach NOLA: ADHD Is Not The Boss


Think of the day as a series of choices to be made. One at a time, you are in control of making your little choices and controlling your destiny. Katy Rollins at ADDitude Magazine offers a few gems of wisdom to help see the "big picture" of an ADHD diagnosis: "By good-faith efforts at making better decisions, we do not cure ourselves, but we manage the symptoms that would otherwise be making decisions for us."

Working with Adela of Mind Coach NOLA as your ADHD coach or life coach, whether here in New Orleans or, using technology like FaceTime, from anywhere in the U.S., means you'll receive helpful resources like the one above and positive reinforcement when you meet daily or weekly goals. In this way, Mind Coach NOLA helps you keep yourself accountable for the changes you'd like to see in your life.