Reflecting on our Digital World

Let's take a minute today to reflect on social media, especially when such terrible things are happening in our American society. Perhaps social media helps you feel connected to our political landscape, to the people who are fighting for love, acceptance, and justice. It's important to feel connected, but if the world feels very heavy today, and you feel like you're barely hanging in there, try taking some time away from your devices. Check in with your loved ones, go outside, connect with neighbors. Write in a journal, read a book, do something creative, and think about the bigger picture: what kind of world do you want to live in, and how can you create that world right now, in the vicinity of your immediate, tangible world?

How can you shine your light?

What is social media to you: Is it addiction? Procrastination? Is it an excuse? Or an exit? Do you control the device or does it control you? How would it feel to be in control of your own life and your destiny?

I love this article, "How to Kick Your Digital Addiction and Learn to Live Again," from Yes Magazine's Kira M. Newman, with advise on how to use technology intentionally, and how to find happiness in the digital world. 

I'm wishing you happiness today. Focus on the world that matters most, the one right around you, the people you are grateful for, whose love has nurtured you. Share that love with others who might need it.