Surfing the Waves of ADHD & Emotions

Do you like podcasts or talk radio? Sometimes they can be the best resource for busy parents and young adults, since you can listen while on the go. I often share resources like videos and articles with my mind coaching and life coaching clients. But it doesn't just stop there. Together with my clients, we can discuss the resource and think about helpful ways to apply new knowledge, tips, and tricks to your own life. In the same way that a book may make a stronger impact if you write in its margins and discuss it in an English classroom as opposed to reading it alone at home, the resources I provide can make more of an impact on your ADHD journey if we engage with them together.

For example, in the insightful interview "ADHD & Emotional Self-Regulation: Fight, Flight, or Freeze,"Attention Talk Radio's Jeff Copper talks with Dr. David Nowell about "emotional self-regulation, the brain’s automatic response in the face of a threat, the impact of that threat on those with ADHD, and the challenges of overriding the automatic response."


How might individuals with ADHD struggle with emotions, like anger or paralysis? How can we work together to help understand "emotional self-regulation" and mindfulness? How might behavioral issues in young people be ADHD-related? 

The interview quotes psychologist Jon Kabat-Zinn, who once said, "We can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"... so how can we work together to help you "surf" the emotions and distractions your brain faces every moment?