Young, Single, and Professionally Confused: A Mind Coach NOLA Guide

Maybe you describe yourself as a "young, single professional." Maybe you've graduated from college or an advanced degree program and have embarked on your dream career. Maybe this "dream career" is exactly what you wanted, or maybe it isn't. Maybe things aren't lining up the way you'd hoped they would by now, in your late twenties, thirties, or even forties.

There's plenty you could do: yoga, a new hobby, a new diet. Some people quit their job and backpack around the world for a year. Some people join a CrossFit gym. Call it a quarter-life-crisis (I think John Mayer already did)—but it's a real thing. 

If you're at this place, or even headed in this direction, a life coach can help you get back to a place of authenticity and purpose. My approach at Mind Coach NOLA is to lead clients on a three-month path, beginning with self reflection. Next, we will devise an action plan to realize your goals and to become “a manifestation of your purpose,” finding skills and tools to make it happen and stick to it, and finding ways to remove any obstacles in your path. These skills and tools are all personal, and are different for every client.

You know the saying "wherever you go, there you are"? You can't backpack your way out of your own brain, no matter how enticing that sounds. Instead, you've got to go deeper inside your brain, to learn how it works, how it functions best, and how you can gain control, not only of your brain, but also your life.

At Mind Coach NOLA, I want to give you the map to your own brain—which will truly unlock the world.