A Life Lived With Purpose

Steve Fuller's article, "Audacious Sacrifice with Incredible Payoff: The Purpose Journey of REI," discusses an amazing example of living your life as a manifestation of your purpose. Bravo to REI!

When I work as a life coach with adult clients, your first step is to identify your vision for your life and your purpose. Next, we'll work on creating a life that strongly supports your purpose: the path through which you will arrive at the greatest manifestation of who you are, what you value, and what you’re committed to achieving in your life. 

Finally, we'll work together on accountability. As I coach, I provide insight into the ADHD brain, partnership (not teaching or nagging) and guidance, practical techniques and feedback, and support and encouragement. The accountability and cheerleading aspects of my job get my clients to stick to their new skills, which then become lifelong habits.