For A Successful School Year, Start Planning Now!

It's easy to be tempted to wait until the school year officially starts before setting up a mind coach for your child or yourself. But once the school year hits, we're often bombarded with things to do, new stressors, new classrooms and teaching styles to adjust to. Before you know it, the holidays are right around the corner, and then the new year! 

Don't let this happen to you. The best time to start working with a mind coach is in the summer—that way, we'll have plenty of time to learn about you child's brain and optimal routines before the craziness of a new school year. Together, your child and I—no matter what grade he or she is in, from lower school to university—can establish practices that are optimal for his or her brain.

For example, I recently took on a new client who is learning how her brain works and introducing executive function skills that will be crucial once the academic year starts. Her summer includes a tight schedule of dance, voice, violin, and theatre practices. She’s learning how to estimate time, plan, and prioritize. We’re working on goal setting, motivation, and scheduling tools that appeal to her. She was surprised that she actually had a lot to do this summer: required reading, community service hours, driver's ed, ACT classes, and a whole list of things she wanted to do before summer’s end. Now she can do it all, while still spending time with family and friends, enjoying summer vacation.

Here at Mind Coach NOLA, I'm enjoying the New Orleans summer with my family, but I'm also taking new clients. Contact me to get started!