A Life Coach for the College Crowd

Why a life coach for college-age students?

We're all aware that college students are balancing a lot: a full load of classes, a part-time or full-time job, a busy social life, and family obligations. Meanwhile, they're also living on their own for the first time, maintaining their budgets, their time, their laundry, and their health.

A college professor friend of mine has shared with me stories from student essays—brief, intimate snapshots of college life today, full of social media-induced anxiety, relationship troubles, Greek life peer pressure, and fear about the future. Her takeaway is that students are undergoing much more stress than previous generations ever experienced. Students are navigating social media's effects on how they feel about themselves and their relationships. In an increasingly public online setting, young people are exploring their identity and their place in the world.

Regardless of whether or not a college student has been diagnosed with ADHD on top of these generational stressors, a life coach is one solution for learning to "steer your own ship" in these early years of adulthood. I work with college students on understanding the way their brain works, identifying which times of day they work best, and setting schedules, goals, and structures so they can make achievements they're proud of and develop their independence.

Mind Coach NOLA could be the best investment parents give their college-age child. No matter what university your student attends, or where your student is located, I use technology to connect one-on-one with young adults and to help them identify patterns in their behavior. Together, we'll make a plan to ensure that their college years are about reaching their potential and achieving independence.