Mind Coach NOLA on Perfectionism

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Perfectionism = Procrastination

Here is an interesting trait you may not have yet discovered: Sometimes you want something to be so perfect that you are afraid of getting started. Or maybe you have to think it through first and have the perfect plan and all of the perfect materials before you get started. Or maybe, you actually got started (woohoo!) and you have been in hyperfocus mode for many hours and now you can’t get back into the real world because what you're working on is just not perfect yet and you can’t let go, so it’s never finished.

Does this sound familiar? How about letting go of the idea that perfection even exists? Or that perfection is something even to be desired? In the end, what counts? Done? Or not done?

Where is the blank page in your life? Think about letting go of perfection, and just getting started. Or consider working with a life coach/ADHD coach like Mind Coach NOLA to explore the blocks you create for yourself, like perfectionism, and discover ways to break through those self-imposed limitations.