A Thanksgiving Break Message from Mind Coach NOLA

Thanksgiving break.


Since I’m sure you’ve got the gratitude thing down, let's focus on the “break.” This is a holiday, a vacation, a break from daily work. We plan our work schedules, and Thanksgiving break also ought to have a place in the planner. For me, it’s a time to spend with my family relaxing. There are some thing I’d like to do with my family, and I can’t do them if I am working. I need to be 100% present, in mind, body and spirit. That means I’ve set some limits. It means I’m not seeing clients or texting them. It means I am not checking my phone or my email. I’ve chosen to spend time with my kids, off electronics. So I will not be chasing down deals on Black Friday, either. I have to respect my personal choice, and I hope that you will honor and respect yours, too.  Set some limits and mindfully enjoy your break!