Mind Coach NOLA on Making Your Dream a Reality


Innovator Brains dream BIG and often. You are the creators, inventors, and writers of our future. Turning a dream into a reality requires action... and that can be so, so hard. You have to figure out what needs to be done, break down the action items into smaller tasks, think about what resources you need, and then put it all in order. And you have to follow through and do it all on time. Who can help you make your dream a reality? Me!

Over at the Harvard Business Review, Jack Kosakowski's article "5 Ways to Focus at Work, From an Executive Who's Struggled with ADHD," demonstrates two important points: 1) Never try to multitask, and 2) Have someone hold you accountable. Working with an ADHD coach or life coach means you have a professional holding you accountable, who knows how your brain struggles to distract you from the goals at hand, and can help get you back on track. It's a small investment that has the potential to change your whole life.